Mobility grants

BA and MA level students from KUNO institutions can apply for support for:

  • Exchange studies
  • Express courses
  • Work placements

Mobility grants are coordinated by the KUNO Secretariat which applies for funding of student mobility through Nordplus Higher Education Programme.

The KUNO network recommends that long-term mobility is supported with Erasmus+ funding where possible. This applies to semester exchanges and work placements lasting longer than 8 weeks.

See GRANT RATES at bottom of page.


Student exchanges do normally last for one or two semesters. Students should apply to the hosting school according to its deadline and requirements, and in line with home school requirements for making studies abroad.

KUNO does generally not support long-term mobility (3 months or longer). The KUNO member schools should aim to support this through the Erasmus+ programme. The exception from this rule is when home school is not able to provide their outgoing student with Erasmus+ support, eg. when national budget for students is scarce.

Nordplus supports short term mobility (1-2 months) and express mobility (less than 1 month). Students who wish to make short term mobility must organise it together with their home school and hosting school. The mobility must be for studying and be formally recognised (ECTS). Visits/taking part in exhibitions is not supported.

Funding for this type of mobility in the KUNO network may be limited. Support is granted on a first come, first served basis.



Students who wish to apply for mobility grants should contact the international coordinator of their home institution for further advice and guidance. Please use the relevant application form for your mobility:


Student Grant Application: long term and short term (1-12 months)

Student Grant Application for express mobility (less than 1 month) 

Work Placement training agreement and Traineeship Certificate

Learning Agreement

Student Final Report

KUNO Express courses

The KUNO network is proud of its KUNO Express programme, which aims at promoting internationalisation at home and making mobility possible for all students. More than 100 students make mobility within the KUNO network per year, through the KUNO Express programme.

Each KUNO member school should open its door and offer at least 1-2 KUNO express courses pr year. A list of available KUNO express courses can be found here.

For further information about application process and how KUNO Express works, click here.


Work placement

This type of mobility aims to support students in gaining work experience within their specialised field of study during their study time at the bachelor or the master level. Minimum duration for work placements is 1 week. Same rules apply to this type of mobility as other type of student mobility.

Students who intend to make work placement/internship abroad, should fill out a training agreement in collaboration with home school and receiving institution/partner.

Receiving partner can be an enterprise, gallery, university or an organisation. It can also be an individual artist/designer.

grant rates

Subsistence pr month: 200 EUR
Subsistence pr week, 5-7 days: 70 EUR (express mobility)
Subsistence pr day: 20 € (if days added to weeks)
Travel support between countries: 330 € (except 660 € to/from Iceland)
Travel support within country: 150 € (only available for participation in a KUNO Express course / supported by KUNO)
Students participating in KUNO express courses or making work placements for up to 5 weeks will receive 70 EUR grant per week.

Domestic mobility can only be supported when student is participating in a KUNO Express course at another KUNO member school (not home school). This activity is funded by the KUNO network (not Nordplus).