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Construction and Context / Digital Weaving, at Bergen Academy of Art and Design

Host institution: Bergen Academy of Art and Design (KHiB)
Teaching staff: Professor Kari Dyrdal and Associate Professor Jon Pettersen
Level: BA and MA
Credits: 9 ECTS (weeks 4-10); 6 ECTS (weeks 7-10)
Application deadline: 1 December, 2016 (more on it below)

Grant: 330 EUR travel (Iceland 660 EUR)/ + 70 EUR weekly allowance

- Give access to knowledge relevant for artistic development through theory, digital tools and practice in the studio for weaving.

– To find new ways of building textiles in 2D and 3D by use of construction in combination with materials, textures and colours.

- Basic and complex theory on weaves.

– Construction of weaves and combinations in one or more layers / systems.

– Methods for developing motives and patterns by using different software: WeavePoint, Photoshop and Nedgraphics (Texelle, Product Creator)

– Individual tutoring in the process of transforming ideas into the medium of textile.

– Experiments/ sampling in workshop by using: Digital dobby looms, TC-1, TC-2 and the old jacquard loom with a new digital system.

– Preparing files for hand-weaving and/or industrial production.

– Study trip to a weaving factory.

The program for week 4-5 will be organized as a core course for internal students. Express course students who prefer to join will be able to adjust their program according to their background. Week 6 include no teaching, but the workshop will be open and the part time technician will be there. The program for week 7-10 will be adjusted to the (partly new) group and followed by theory and tutoring in groups and individually.

2-4 KUNO students are invited for either the whole period (weeks 4-10 + seminar 20 January) or the last 4 weeks (weeks 7-10).

Apply with a brief motivation letter and a few work samples to Please state in the application which period you are applying for!

Programme in brief:

  • a kick off seminar ‘Making is thinking’ 20 January
  • two weeks core course; guest students who prefer to join will be able to adjust the program according to their background (week 4-5, 2017)
  • week 6 includes no teaching, but the workshop will be open and the technician will be present to assist students
  • four weeks workshop in digital weaving (weeks 7-10, 2017); the programme will be adjusted to the group, followed by theory and group/individual tutorials


Seminar Friday 20 January 2017:

“Making is Thinking”

A seminar focusing on thinking and contextualizing through material; to give value to presence, insight and intimacy in experimenting, to investigate and develop a process where the making, the adjustments, the adding and subtracting are vital elements in developing visual and material art.

Location: Marken 37, Red Room, 2nd floor
Seminar leader: Kari Dyrdal: Textile Artist / professor at KHiB

Contributors (to be confirmed)
Per Inge Bjørlo
: Painter, sculptor, installation artist
Gunvor Nervold Antonsen: Textile artist / Installation artist. Recipient of Nordic Textile Award 2015
Thomas Pihl: Painter/associate professor KHiB
Ingrid Aarset: Textile artist/associate professor KHiB
Hilde Hauan Johnsen: Textile artist/professor KHiB
Jorunn Veiteberg: Art Historian, Copenhagen