The KUNO network announces an Open Call to all its members concerning the hosting of the KUNO Secretary in the period of 2021 - 2025/6 or for five academic years.

The Role and Responsibilities of the KUNO Secretary

The KUNO Secretary applies for funding to Nordplus Higher Education Programme and is responsible for the administration of KUNO funds. This includes KUNO own funds (membership fee) as well as Nordplus funds, grants allocated to the network from Nordplus.

The KUNO Secretary acts as a secretary and counsellor in the KUNO Steering group (SG). The KUNO Secretary plans and organises the KUNO annual events in collaboration with SG and hosting institution each time. The Secretary makes an open call for annual events as well as for projects, in relation to grant application to Nordplus each year.

The university hosting the KUNO Secretary must have capacity to pay out grants directly to beneficiaries (students and teachers in the KUNO member institutions). The payment process should be as fast and transparent as possible.

The university hosting the KUNO Secretary receives and annual fee* from the network to compensate the working hours of its staff (KUNO Secretary and personnel in financial unit) and banking fees.

*For the past two cycles of hosting of KUNO Secretary (Tallinn and Reykjavík) this fee has been 25.000 eur pr year. Members willing to take the Secretary are free to propose a different fee.

Further Guidelines can be found in the KUNO Collaboration Agreement.

Submit your Proposal

Members interested in hosting the KUNO Secretary should submit a Motivation Statement to KUNO no later than 1 April 2020. The statement should include information about the vision and/or ambitions for the hosting of the Secretary. The motivation should furthermore include definition of costs (proposed annual fee for hosting) as well as the overall commitment but the motivation letter must be signed by the Rector of the institution, the person who is head of finances as well the person in charge of international relations, - normally this would be the person taking on the role as Secretary of the network.

SHIFt of secretary process

The new Secretary will be proposed at KUNO annual network meeting in 2020.
-The new secretary will then apply for funding to Nordplus within the upcoming deadline the following year (1 Feb).
-The new Secretary will take part in SG meetings as of January 2021 and be fully responsible for organising the hosting of annual events in 2021.
-The new Secretary will takeover the accounts of KUNO as of spring 2021 (start to pay out grants, maintain website etc.) The current Secretary will submit the final report to Nordplus in October 2021 (for academic year 2020-21). The new Secretary will submit its first final report in October 2022 (for academic year 2021-22).

For any further information, please contact the KUNO Secretary at