HoW to apply

  1. Follow info on „how to apply“ according to each course announcement. Usually, a student should send motivation and/or portfolio by Email to hosting school. Note that usually, the number of applications exceed by far the number of available study places.

  2. Please, note that only degree students at one of the KUNO academies can apply to the Kuno courses.

  3. Make sure that your home school approves of your plan, i.e. to be absent from your regular courses during the time of the express course. Express courses can last from only a few days time to three weeks, or even more!

  4. Once you receive a positive answer from the hosting school, you should fill out the KUNO Express grant application form. Please fill it out electronically and then print it out. The form has to be signed by you, your home institution as well as the hosting institution.

  5. The international coordinator at your school sends the completed form to KUNO network which pays the grant directly to student. The payment will be made as quickly as possible, however, the transfer of foreign payment might take up to 7 days.

  6. The general rule is that students must do all travel and accommodation arrangements themselves. Of course, students can ask for assistance from their host, but the host is not responsible for finding nor assisting students with finding accommodation.

  7. Upon completion of the course, make sure that you receive a certificate stating successful completion of the course. Once you receive this document, you should bring it to your local coordinator and ask for accreditation. It is a rule of Nordplus that express courses should always be accredited towards a student’s degree.

  8. EXCHANGE STUDENTS going on KUNO express: Exchange students at a KUNO member institution can only receive mobility support from KUNO network if their home institution is a member in the KUNO network. As according to Nordplus handbook, a student must be a degree student at a Nordic/Baltic institution in order to receive mobility support through Nordplus.

Application form



Students who wish to apply for mobility grants for Express Courses should contact the international coordinator of their home institution for further advice and guidance.

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