Mobility grants

Students from KUNO institutions can apply for:

  • Exchange studies
  • Express mobility / Express courses 
  • Work placements

Mobility grants are coordinated by KUNO Secretariat who applies for funding of student mobility through Nordplus Higher Education Programme.

The KUNO network recommends that students use Erasmus+ funding for long-term mobility where possible. This applies to semester exchanges and work placements lasting longer than 8 weeks.

Long term student mobility

This type of mobility is for studies abroad lasting for 1-12 months. The grant is available to degree students of any nationality studying at the bachelor or the master level in one of the KUNO member institutions, planning to spend a period abroad at another KUNO member institution. PhD students are not eligible for Nordplus student mobility grants.

The KUNO network recommends that Erasmus+ funding is used when possible in case of studies abroad exceeding 3 months.




Students who wish to apply for mobility grants should contact the international coordinator of their home institution for further advice and guidance. Please use the relevant application form for your mobility:


Student Grant Application (studies +1 month and work placements)

Student Grant Application for express mobility

Work Placement training agreement and Traineeship Certificate

Learning Agreement

Student Final Report

Express Mobility

This type of mobility is for short term studies of 1 - 4 weeks (under 1 month), such as the KUNO express programme. The minimum duration of express mobility is 5 days of study. Express mobility is intended to broaden the possibilities for students to study abroad for shorter periods in cases where longer periods are not possible. This mobility scheme is also intended to encourage and to facilitate institutions to invite students from partner institutions to take part in their ordinary courses and thus promote internationalisation at home. 

This type of grant is offered to bachelor and master level students (not PhD level students). Same rules apply to this type of mobility as long-term mobility.


express courses
Application process

  1. Follow info on „how to apply“ according to each course announcement. Usually, a student should send motivation and/or portfolio by Email to hosting school. Note that usually, the number of applications exceed by far the number of available study places.
  2. Please, note that only degree students at one of the KUNO academies can apply to the Kuno courses.
  3. Make sure that your home school approves of your plan, i.e. to be absent from your regular courses during the time of the express course. Express courses can last from only a few days time to three weeks, or even more!
  4. Once you receive a positive answer from the hosting school, you should fill out the KUNO Express grant application form. Please fill it out electronically and then print it out. The form has to be signed by you, your professor and the international coordinator at your school.
  5. The international coordinator at your school sends the completed form to KUNO network which pays the grant directly to student. The payment will be made as quickly as possible, however, the transfer of foreign payment might take up to 7 days.
  6. The general rule is that students must do all travel and accommodation arrangements themselves. Of course, students can ask for assistance from their host, but the host is not responsible for finding nor assisting students with finding accommodation.
  7. Upon completion of the course, make sure that you receive a certificate stating successful completion of the course. Once you receive this document, you should bring it to your local coordinator and ask for accreditation. It is a rule of Nordplus that express courses should always be accredited towards a student’s degree.
  8. Last but not least, fill out the KUNO express feedback form below.


Work placement

This type of mobility aims to support students in gaining work experience within their specialised field of study during their study time at the bachelor or the master level (not PhD). Minimum duration for work placements is 1 week. Same rules apply to this type of mobility as long-term mobility.

Students who intend to make work placement/internship abroad, should fill out the placement form in collaboration with home school and receiving institution/partner.

Receiving partner can be an individual artist/designer and not necessarily an enterprise, university or an organisation.


grant rates

Monthly grant 200 EUR
Weekly grant for express mobility 70 EUR
Travel grant 330 EUR between countries (except to/from Iceland 660 EUR)
Travel grant within country 150 EUR (domestic)(only available in relation to the KUNO express programme)
Students going on express courses/placement for up to 5 weeks will receive 70 EUR grant per week.

KUNO uses its own funds to support student mobility within home country (e.g from KHIB to KHIO) and weekly support in express courses exceeding the Nordplus maximum duration for short term exchange. Domestic travel in general is not applicable as Nordplus funding.