Mobility grants

Teachers from the KUNO Academies can apply for teacher exchange at another academy within KUNO according to the following:

  • The grant is intended for exchange with another partner academy within KUNO network.

  • The exchange shall be integrated in the education of the guest institution.

  • The exchange is intended for instruction, tuition, curriculum development etc.

  • The teacher shall keep his/her salary from the home institution during the exchange.

  • KUNO contributes with a weekly grant and a travel grant.

  • Period of exchange is minimum 1 day = 8 working hours.

Please contact the international co-ordinator at your institution for more information and fill in an application form.

The rates for teacher mobility are:
Travel 330 EUR (660 EUR to and from Iceland)
Weekly rate 450 EUR
Daily rate 90 EUR

The official daily rate of Nordplus is 70 EUR and weekly rate 355 EUR. KUNO network makes a top-up with its own funding.



Teachers who wish to apply for mobility grants should contact the international coordinator of their home institution for further advice and guidance.

Download application form

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