Open Call for Projects 2019/20

Kuno members are encouraged to plan projects together. In a consortium of minimum three schools from three different countries, KUNO members can apply for funding to Nordplus for three types of activities (see below).

Project application consists of:
-Description of project (4 questions, max 4000 characters each)
-Budget sheet (clarifying costs of travel, accommodation and organisation)

Project applications should be emailed to the KUNO Secretary no later than:
11 January 2019 - if you wish to receive comments and advice
21 January 2019 - without comments and advice


The KUNO Secretariat will submit all project proposals through the online application system of Nordplus before 1st Feb. The projects will then be evaluated by higher education experts in Nordplus programmes, who make a decision on which projects receive funding. Results are normally ready at the end of April or early May.

All projects should underpin the goals of the Nordplus programme. The aim of the programme is to enhance collaboration between institutions through exchanges, experience, good practice and innovative results. The programme also supports collaboration between higher education institutions and other organisations (working life).

Examples of past KUNO projects can be found here.

On the website of Nordplus, you can also find examples of projects to seek inspiration (check for higher education).


intensive courses (IP)

Intensive Courses may take place during term time or in the summer by way of short courses, symposiums, master classes or workshops. Intensive courses must include teachers and students from at least three different countries. The course must give ECTS points and be recognised as part of the students' degree.

The same intensive course may be granted Nordplus funding for three consecutive years but annual applications must be submitted. It is recommended that hosting institution is rotated.


The budget for an intensive course creates itself through drop-down menus in excel. It is super easy! All you need to know is how many students and teachers will travel and number of teaching/travel days.


joint study programmes(JSP)

Nordplus awards grants for the development of a joint study programmes.

Joint study programmes must be full-degree programmes recognised by national authorities and have mobility integrated in the setup. Programmes must be developed jointly, and all courses and study units should be approved by each partner.

The same joint study programme can be granted Nordplus funding for three consecutive years but annual applications must be submitted.

Joint study programmes are complex processes. HEIs can combine Nordplus and Nordic Master grants in various ways. Here you can find more information, useful handbooks and guides on joint programmes.



development projects (DP)

Nordplus offers grants for innovative development projects within the field of higher education.

For cross-sector projects, networks are recommended to apply to the Nordplus Horizontal programme.

Development projects can focus on one or more of the following:
-Joint curriculum planning / joint modules
-Collaboration with the labour market
-Quality assurance
-Dissemination and use of results achieved by networks and projects or private sectors as well as non-governmental organisations (NGOs)
-Development of new teaching methods

The same project can be granted Nordplus funding for three consecutive years but annual applications must be submitted.