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Reinventing the Musical Instrument, in Helsinki

Workshop title: Reinventing the Musical Instrument
Dates: 29.5.-2.6.2017, University of the Arts Helsinki (SAMA Sound Art & Sonic Arts)
Teacher: Marianthi Papalexandri Alexandri
Language of instruction: English
Scope: 2 ECTS
KUNO seats: 2
Apply by 21 April by sending a motivation letter to

Course description:

Taking Papalexandri’s Untitled II as an example, the courses traces how the artistic work of building, composing for, and operating an instrument can be conceived of as a process in which habits of sound perception have to be unlearned in order to generate new forms of sonic knowledge.

-Reinventing the musical instrument (public lecture and performance) Introduction to the work of Marianthi Papalexandri Alexandri

Performance of Untitled I: solo for sound sculpture-installation-instrument

-Explore the materiality of the instrument

Demonstration of the mechanical sound construction created for Untitled II

New Instruments B how are the sounds produced by and with this instrument identified?

-Sound sculpture and object

Discuss the borderlines of sound art, musical composition, visual objects and performance Explore the factors that link these art forms

-Shaping Sound

Provide an approach to sound through and with materials

Explore the same materials and objects under different conditions, and the ways in which the context can influence these materials

-Make sound visible

Explore our perception in relation to physical movement and sound Types and methods of music notation

Demonstrate how to use sound resonators, materials, sound devices, mechanical preparations and mechanical devices etc. to activate and turn physical objects and space into acoustic resonant bodies

Learning outcomes:

-Applying the techniques, strategies and concepts learned in the course

Participants will use common objects, materials, architectural elements in conjunction with motors, speakers, kinetic mechanical devices and other systems to create resonant sound objects

Documentation and final presentation followed by discussion and feedback Demo or presentation of the projects