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The Poster as an Art Form at Iceland Academy of the Arts, Reykjavík

Number of Available places for KUNO students: 2
Level: BA
Responsbile teacher: Prof. Gudmundur Oddur Magnússon
Requirements: the course is suitable for visual communication students as well as fine art (printmaking). Minimum year 2 bachelor. Master students are welcome as well.
Application deadline: August 10
How to Apply: Send your full name, name of your home school and study programmme + examples of work (max 3 images) to no later than August 10, 2017

One week intensive workshop in poster design/making, organised by Iceland Academy of the Arts, Reykjavik with the non-profit organization Stowarzyszenie Ogrody Sztuki and the Poster Gallery in Kraków. Exhibitions of the Polish Poster will be will be in Reykjavik at three locations opened at same time as the workshop.

Workshop leaders will be:
Monika Starowicz
Sebastian Kubica
Leszek Żebrowski