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Materiality and Formlessness, Painting and Chaos at Helsinki University of the Arts, Academy of Fine Art

Teaching period: 23.01.2018 -02.02.2018
Teacher(s): Steven Dixon, Harri Monni
ECTS: 2,5
Number of available place for KUNO students: max 5
Level: BA and MA
Requirements:  at least second year Bachelor students

Application deadline: 16.1. 2018
How to apply: Send a motivation letter and three jpg:s of your artworks or a short video (max 3 min) to

Course description: 
Course is an intensive reading seminar with discussions and lectures.
The theme for uppcoming lectures and reading seminar are on interchange
between structure and chaos. How we in front of the artwork reconstruct and impose different meanings systems, interchange and rematerialize the work alternative deconstruction and reconstruction (different knowledge systems)
of the artwork?

Themes that are developed under the seminar:
Bruno de Latour and David Joselit about materialism and network from knowledge,
Gilles Deleuze and Brian Mazumi on affect theory,
Jaqques Ranciere & Alain Badiou about formlessness and sensation,
Karen Barad about  object being made in between space,
Elizabeth Grosz on objects in absence and excess