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IMPETUS - combining painting, sculpture and performance at Art Academy of Latvia

Teaching period: 07.03.2018. – 10.03.2018. (07.03. – arrival, 10.03. – departure)
Teacher(s): Dr. Art. Prof. Inguna Audere (LV), Prof. Michael Rogers (visiting artist from Rochester institute of Technology, USA)
ECTS:  1 Number of available place for CIRRUS students: 3
Level: BA / MA
Number of available place for KUNO students: 3

Please do the research in advance: Robert Rauschenberg’s Combines, Joseph Beuys, Eiko and Koma, Pina Bausch, Sankai Juku, Kiki Smith, Louise Bourgeois, Ann Hamilton,

Application deadline: 26.01.2018. Results announced on 02.02.2018.
How to apply:  Please send the letter of motivation and description of what you are intend to do (chosen symbol/sign and how you will combine painting, sculpture and performance) to both e-mails:,

Course description: This course will explore source inspirations, ideation, and project development, pertaining to collaborative, multi-media, and cross-disciplinary practice. Related aspects include installation, sound, and site specificity. Instructors and participants will develop creative events or actions, learning by doing. The goal is not perfection but rather gaining knowledge through experience. There will be lectures by the instructors concerning their attitudes and approaches to creativity, making art, and collaborating with others. Open discussion will address the pragmatic aspects of process as well as the wild excesses of inspiration and ideation. Where do ideas come from? How do collaborations form and why? What is the importance of trust between collaborators? Where does each artists role begin? What are the potential rewards and disappointments of collaborative projects? How does such activity affect one’s thinking? These questions and others will be explored and discussed. The instructors will present their current project and how the concept and theme developed over time. Both our individual and combined aesthetics are involved. At the core is our desire to learn from the collaborative experience and to go further creatively than one can go on their own. Art should involve risk, it should transform the individual and transport a person from where they are now to somewhere they have not yet been. We will attempt to relay the intricacies of our creative and working processes by discussing our interests in aspects of the traditional, the contemporary, our desire to combine media and disciplines, as well as shared interests in language, symbols and metaphor. This is a first for us! We will then for the first time enact our project titled “PARALLEL”. After the enactment, we will engage in a critical analysis of what was accomplished and see if there were any missed opportunities. This will be important for future development of future projects. The participants are then given the same project assignment. Materials and tools will be prepared but that should not be seen as any restriction. Other materials or tools can be used. Participants can work on their own or collaborate. The starting point will be for participants to choose a visual symbol/sign and then to expand the interpretation of that symbol/sign through combining painting, sculpture and performance.