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Mechatronic Art at Iceland University of the Arts

Teaching period: 16 – 26 April 2018
Language: English
Classroom: 004, Video Lab, IAA Laugarnesi, Reykjavik
Number of incoming KUNO students: 2
Total number of Students: 10
Teacher: Áki Ásgeirsson
ECTS: 2  

How to apply: What do you seek from Mechatronic Art; Answer in no more than 50 words + 3 images of your work.
Send application to:
Application Deadline: March 9th 2018

A two week (6 day) workshop investigating how artists can utilize the Arduino platform for the creation of electro-mechanical artworks. Fundamentals of electronics will be introduced and students will learn how to write simple computer programs for the Arduino microcontroller. Mechanical movement, interactivity and artistic use of electric equipment will be explored. At the end of the course, participants will have produced a new art piece and gained understanding of the possibilities of computer code, mechanics and electronics in the modern technological environment of artists. 

Material: The Iceland Academy of the Arts will provide a limited amount of Arduino boards and electrical components during the course. Students that want to continue to explore the Arduino or use it in future projects are advised to buy their own boards before or during the course (ca 35€ in Europe or ca 6000ISK/50€ in Iceland). 

Electronics assignment = 10% 
Programming assignment = 10% 
Final project = 30% 
Report and documentation of final project = 30% 
Attendance = 20% 
Grades: 0-10 (5 required to pass, 10 is maximum) 


Man 16.4 13:00-16:40  ( 004) Video Lab, IAA Laugarnes
Tue  17.4  13:00-16:40 Video Lab (004) 
Thu  19.4  13:00-16:40 Video Lab (004) 

Mon  23.4 13:00-16:40 Video Lab (004) 
Tue  14.4  13:00-16:40 Video Lab (004) 
Thu  26.4  13:00-16:40 Video Lab (004) Exhibition of results