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Verksmidjan Hjalteyri - hosted by Iceland University of the Arts in Hjalteyri

Title of course: Verksmiðjan Hjalteyri / Hjalteyri Workshop
Teaching period:  Sunday 9th to Saturday 15th September 2018
NOTE! Travel days not included, students need to travel to Iceland on the 8th, and book a flight from Iceland on the 16th (no sooner)
Teacher(s): Bryndís Snæbjörnsdóttir Professor and MA programme Director, Gústav Geir Bollason director Verksmiðjan Hjalteyri,  Sonia Levy artist.
Number of available place for KUNO students: 2
Level: MA

Application deadline:  29 August 2018
How to apply:
To apply please send an artist statement outlining your current artistic practice to include how and why your artwork would benefit from taking part in this workshop. The statement between 400 and 600 words should be written in English and saved as a pdf – a link to website would be beneficial.
-Applications should be emailed by 29th of August to:

Course description:
This is a site-specific workshop held in Verskmiðjan Hjalteyri in the North of Iceland. Verksmiðjan Hjalteyri is a disused herring factory that is run as an art venue. See: 

The workshop will draw from the local environment focusing on ecological and environmental issues concluding with a site related group exhibition. During the workshop students will be introduced to various inter- and cross disciplinary research methods through on site presentation, lectures and fieldtrips.  This is an experimental workshop that requires students to be able to respond to the site in any form of artistic practice considered applicable to their practice.

Sunday 9th of September.

            Depart by coach from Reykjavík to Hjalteyri.

            Viewing of „Oh so quiet“ – exhibition at Verksmiðjan Hjalteyri.

Monday 10th of September.

            Tour of Verkmsmiðjan Hjalteyri by Gústav Geir Bollason director

            Student present their work – discussion

A talk by Erlendur Bogason director of Strýtan Divecentre

Tuesday 11th of September

Field trip to Húsavík, including; a visit to the Húsavík Whale Museum, a talk by Dr. Marianne Rasmussen on her marine mammal research and a visit to the Culture House in Húsavík including a guided tour by Jan Aksel Harder Klitgaard (tbc)

Wednesday 12th of September

            Individual/group tutorials by Bryndís Snæbjörnsdóttir and Sonia Levy

            Working in Verksmiðjan Hjalteyri for the exhibtion

            A lecture by Dr. Skúli Skúlason biologist and researcher.

Thursday 13th of September

            Individual/group tutorials by Bryndís Snæbjörnsdóttir and Sonia Levy

            Working in Verksmiðjan Hjalteyri for exhibition

Friday 14th of September

            Working in Verksmiðjan Hjalteyri for the exhibition

            18:00 Opening exhibition of students works in Verksmiðjan Hjalteyri

Saturday 15th of September

            Travel by coach back to Reykjavík


Learning Outcomes:

·      Have acquired knowledge through site specific research and artistic practice and be able to use in their work.

·      Have adopted research procedures and methods applicable to their artworks

·      Have the ability to independently develop concepts from research material to implement artworks that present their own artistic assumptions.


Additional information: 

Return travel by coach is provided (free of charge) between Reykjavík -  Hjalteyri and also for scheduled fieldtrips. (as described in the programme above)

Students need to find accommodation in Reykjavík on their arrival day in Iceland (8th) and if needed on arrival back in Reykjavík after the course. Basic accommodation is provided during the workshop at Hjalteyri.  Incl. one communal dinner during the stay otherwise students take care of own food at their own cost.