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Repetition (between digital and physical image) at TUAS Arts Academy, Turku

Teaching period: 25.2. – 1.3.2019
Teacher(s): Otto-Ville Väätäinen
ECTS: 1 (with additional work 2)
Number of available place for KUNO students: 3
Requirements: Basic level skills with Photoshop, scanners and inkjet printers. (and with the other tools that you wish to use in the workshop)

Application deadline: 31.1.2019
How to apply:
Send a short motivation letter (where you tell about your interest towards the workshop and what kind of things you have been recently working with) to Otto-Ville (

Course description:
In this experimental workshop, we explore the borders between the physical and the digital image. We start the workshop with a lecture: What it is? ...And what it appears to be. After the lecture, the work is based on daily practical experiments and to the daily conversation sessions related to these experiments and the texts that are presented in the workshop.

Our starting point of the practical work is in photography, but the process can lead you anywhere. We have in use our photography departments MAC-room with scanners and printer, the studio and the darkrooms, but also the different possibilities of our multidisciplinary Arts Academy in a realistic frame.

As the outcome from the workshop, our aim is to open the question of a physical nature of a digital image and also how one could use the repetition as a tool in the artistic process.