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Introduction to Egg Tempera Painting at EKA Tallinn

Teaching period: August 19–23, 2019
Teacher(s): Maaria Treima, Co-supervisor: Hilkka Hiiop (PhD) 
Lectures: Linda Lainvoo (MA), Kristina Aas (MA)
Assistant: Varje Õunapuu (MA)

Number of available place for KUNO students: 6
BA and MA
Requirements: minimal painting skills

Application deadline: May 26
How to apply:
(what to send and to whom/email)

-A motivation letter must be added to your application.
A relevant portfolio is required ( a pdf portfolio of at least 2-3 relevant design projects)
-A transcript from your school in English to prove that you are currently enrolled at the university


Course description:

The course teaches icon painting. The painting process follows the authentic icon painting technique – egg tempera mixed from dry pigments, multi-layered painting, etc. Each participant will have the opportunity to paint their own icon.
Parallel to the painting process, the participants will receive an overview of the iconographic principles and meanings in icon painting, the materials and techniques used, as well as their conservation process.

The participants will learn essential skills in historical icon painting and get an introduction to the history, significance and conservation process of icons.

LEARNING OUTCOMES. The participant:

• has a basic understanding of the history, iconography and techniques of icon painting;
• has a basic overview of the conservation principles of icons;
• has acquired basic skills in painting icons.


The course will end with a presentation of the icons made during the course and the documentation of the work process (pass-fail evaluation).


Additional information:
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