Malmö Art Academy


Malmö Art Academy offers well adapted premises in a newly renovated schoolbuilding from the turn of the century in the centre of Malmö. Students have a studio of their own. The academy workshops comprise techniques in plastic, plaster, stone, metal, wood, photo, video and computer. The school has also a sound studio. The programme is not divided into departments. The academy offers every year app. 30 courses in various techniques, art theory and related subjects, and workshops with mostly international artists. Every student chooses which classes he/she wants to follow in accordance with the work in the studio. Starting fall 2007 Malmö Art Academy has adapted to the Bologna Process and offer a 3-year Bachelor of Fine Art programme (180 credits ECTS), and a 2-year Master of Fine Art programme as well as a 2-year Master of Art in Critical Studies programme (120 credits ECTS each).

We would like Malmö Art Academy to be close to an experimental laboratory in art. The emphasis is laid on the student`s individual creative development- something which might improve from using a trial-and-error-method as much as possible.
At the same time the Academy aims to get the students acquainted with the wide resultarea of contemporary art, and give them opportunities to be involved with it as fast as possible.

The Academy`s international profile is important and it gains both from the nearness to the rest of Europe as well as from the internationally influenced artlife in the south of Sweden.

Charlotta Österberg
Konsthögskolan i Malmö
Box 4035
203 11 Malmö, Sverige