Royal Institute of Art


Royal Institute of Art provides training in the field of Fine Arts and postgraduate studies in Architecture. About 160 of the College`s 200 students study Fine Art. KKH offers a five years study programme leading to a Master`s degree and further education for active artists for a maximum period of one year. The Master`s studies comprise a combination of courses, lectures, workshops, individual tutoring and independent work. Students can focus their studies on one area, e.g. painting, or work and experiment in several different fields. Theoretical studies in art history, art theory and material studies are offered and these aspects are also integrated in the ongoing discussions in the studios and workshops.
Each Master student has a studio space, during the first years this in a studio shared with others, but during the fourth and fifth years each student has his/her own studio. All students have a tutoring professor.

The College has professionally equipped workshops for wood, metal, plastics, plaster, bronze and glass. The printmakiing department offers four modern workshops equipped for etching/intaglio, lithography, silk screen and relief printmaking. In addition there is a photo lab and a computer and video studio.

Specialized Areas
Painting, Monumental and Mural art, Sculpture, Printmaking, Computer, Video and Photo.

Number of Students

Anneli Hovberger
Kungliga Konsthögskolan
Box 16315
103 26 Stockholm, Sverige