Trondheim Academy of Fine Art


The distinguishing feature of the education at Trondheim Academy of Fine Arts (KIT) is that the departments operate within a completely open structure, so that students may move freely between media, materials and techniques.
This requires of students that they develop a high level of self-awareness and a diciplined approach to the development of their work. The school has a small regular staff, which is supplemented by a programme of guest teachers, both practising artists and theoreticians.

Each student has a personal teacher, but all are encouraged to take the opportunity to discuss their work with the guest teachers and other professors at KIT. The academy has a large exhibition space in which students are actively encouraged to present their work publicly. Since 1990, KIT has given a special focus to the development of an art practise based upon electronic and digital media.

The duration of the Bachelor of Fine Art course is three years, ending up in a BFA degree. After fulfilled BFA, there is the possibility to apply for Master of Fine Art studies for further development of the working process (2 years). Evaluation of student`s work is carried out yearly and is based upon dialouges between tutor and student, participation in annual student exhibitions and attendance at lectures, seminars and courses. Students in their final semester at BFA and MFA take part in a graduation exhibition, which marks the completion of the study. The MFA exhibition is considered to be a professional presentation of work signalling the transtiton from student to practising artist.

Specialized Areas
Painting, Sculpture, Printmaking, Intermedia, Photo.

Coordinator Address
Håvard Karlsen

Kunstakademiet i Trondheim, NTNU
7491 Trondheim, Norge