University of Gothenburg, Valand Academy


Valand Academy – a new department with a long tradition of Film, Photography, Fine Art and Literary Composition.

We offer degree programmes at first-cycle (undergraduate), second-cycle (masters) and third-cycle (doctoral) level as well as individual self-contained courses.

At Valand students, along with advisors, are responsible for creating an individual program suited to develope their art practices. The program offers a combination of practical work and theoretical studies. As well as teachers and advisors, there is a program of guest artists and lectures.

Group and individual critiques to develop and train a critical practise both written and verbal are an important part of the education.

Each student have access to well-equipped sculpture, printmaking, photography, computer, video, paper and sound workshops. Courses in the different techniques are offered on different levels. There is a library with a collection of books ranging from obscure to current as well as periodicals, journals and a video collection. Students also have access to the university library.

The student-run galleries Rotor 2 show examination work as well as a program of young artists.

Valand has exchange programs with several European art academies and in recent years students have studied in Dublin, Moscow, San Francisco, Kanazawa (Japan), London, as well as in other Scandinavian art academies.

Specialized Areas
Fine Arts: Painting, Photography, Film, Sculpture, Printmaking, Video, Computer, Art Theory, Literary Composition, Projects and Workshops.

Number of Students

Anna-Sara Askaner
Akademin Valand
Göteborgs Universitet
Box 132 Göteborg, Sverige