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Tools for Ideas at Jutland Art Academy (COURSE IS FULL)

Teacher: Simon Starling
Period: 23 - 27 October
Level: BA (all students welcome)
Number of available places: 2

Application deadline: September 12
How to apply: send an email with short motivation to Susanne at
Notice that only accepted students will receive email, and this will happen immediately after the deadline.

This intensive workshop will aim to analyse the continued importance of tools in creative processes. What tools are available to contemporary artists? How does the nature of those tools affect the way ideas develop? Taking a broad range of tools, from simple hand tools to complex apparatus like cameras and computers, from the actual to the metaphorical, Tools for Ideas will aim in a relatively short space of time to generate a body of artworks with and about the use (and abuse) of tools – artworks that might begin to conflate the meaning of making with the making of meaning.

Short bio: Simon Starling (born 1967 in Epsom, Surrey - lives and works in Copenhagen) is a British conceptual artist. In 2005, he won the Turner Prize with the work, Shedboatshed that involved taking a wooden shed, turning it into a boat, sailing it down the Rhine and turning it back into a shed. Starling was short-listed for the Guggenheim's Hugo Boss Prize for contemporary art in 2004. He has been professor of art at the Städelschule in Frankfurt am Main.