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Listening Visions at Umeå Academy of Fine Arts, Umeå, Sweden

Teacher: Billy Davis
Level: BA and MA
Number of available places: 5
Application deadline: 15 November
How to apply: Send an email with a short motivation why you would like to participate in the workshop, your contacts, home school, study year and level and a short description of your artistic practice including a link to your portfolio or 3-5 images attached or sent via WeTransfer if large files.
Send your application to

The workshop will include discussions about the change in format and premise that digitally produced sound brings about and how digital technologies have changed the relationship to musical artifact. Further, how traditional physical acoustic understanding has been changed through the ever-dominant digital recording format. Generally, the objectives of these investigations are to heighten awareness of sound and its effectiveness in relationship to image and performance. An additional aim is to develop constructive dialogs between creative impulses and crafts, by approximating, re-contextualizing and creating a unique artistic voice within a finalized product. Accepted applicants will be required to participate in group discussions and produce or show examples of their own work that is relevant to the topics discussed. Listening Visions is interdisciplinary in nature and is also applicable to other departmental studies, i.e. film, design, architecture, drama or pedagogical education. There is no prerequisite for participation.

Short bio: Billy Davis is a composer, recording artist, music producer and founder of workhorsesong studio in Berlin. He studied at Franklin School of Art, Department of Fine Arts (Prof. James Herbert, Film and Art) at the University of Georgia/USA. The focus of his work is on the relational qualities between sound and image and how the resulting artifact(s) become the contextual bedrock that

simulates a sense of the sublime. He also invokes the history of the “audio recording” by employing various materials, techniques and processes to color the sonic outputs in his artistic productions.

Recently, he has started working with the Richard Thomas Foundation (London/Berlin), developing artists projects related to music, sound and performance. Currently, he is a guest teacher in Video and Sound at Umea Academy of Fine Arts, Umea, Sweden.