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Introduction to 3D scanning, at Iceland Academy of the Arts

Title: Introduction to 3D Scanning
Dates: 20 – 30 March 2017
Language: English
Classroom:  009 Photo studio, IAA, Laugarnesvegur 91, 105 Reykjavik
How to apply: Write a motivational letter of approximately 50 words discussing the project you would work with. Include a link to your portfolio/ webpage.
-Remember to state in your application which KUNO express course in Iceland you are applying for (as we are announcing more than one)
Send application to:
Application Deadline: 7 March 2017
Number of incoming KUNO students: 2
Teacher: Halldór Úlfarsson
Supervisor: Carl Boutard

Photogrammetry software constructs 3D information from digital photographs, and is an increasingly available and easy-to-work with method. The workshop focuses on 3D scanning of objects and places. Photogrammetry is used to get real-world information into a computer aided design environment. Visual material is approached from the perspective of visualization and modelling of artwork for public space.


Students are asked to bring a small-scale model approximately 30 cm in size representing their idea for an artwork in public space that they will work with in the course. Bringing your own digital camera is not a requirement but might make your working process more independent. Students with previous CAD experience, such as IAA students who have done the introduction to CAD/CAM, can take the material further and develop a CAD assisted fabrication strategy for their artwork in a scale informed by a specific or imagined site. Students from other schools who have done similar modules or know the basics of CAD can apply and should describe their level of skill as part of their application.

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course students should:

  • Have enhanced their understanding of the relationship between art making and specialized field knowledge and technical skills with regards to 3D scanning,
  • Have an understanding of the influence different presentation forms have on the content of art works,
  • Be able to make use of 3D scanning programs and platforms,
  • Further their abilities to combine the use of specialised work methods, intuition and critical approaches in their practice.

Assessment: Attendance, participation and completion of assignments


Mon 20.3       13:00-16:40 Room 009, Photo studio

Tue 21.3        13:00-16:40 Room 009, Photo studio

Thu 23.3        13:00-16:40 Room 009, Photo studio

Mon 27.3       13:00-16:40 Room 009, Photo studio

Tue 28.3        13:00-16:40 Room 009, Photo studio

Thu 30.3        13:00-16:40 Room 009, Photo studio