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Precence, at Iceland Academy of the Arts

Title: Presence
Dates: 20 – 28 March 2017
Language: English
Classroom: 014 F-Land, IAA, Laugarnesvegur 91, 105 Reykjavik.
How to apply: Write a letter of 50 words stating why you would like to participate. Include a link to your portfolio / webpage.
-Remember to state in your application which KUNO express course in Iceland you are applying for (as we are announcing more than one)
Send application to:
Application Deadline: 7 March 2017
Number of incoming KUNO students: 2
Teacher: Gunnhildur Hauksdóttir
Supervisor: Carl Boutard

The course focuses on performing art in real time, using all available tools. Components such as age, gender, body, background and lived experience are studied as artistic subjects and content. Students investigate, through group- and independent work, how these factors are applied as content in works of art, as they appear in space, text and other outlets. Ideas about the relationship between the performer and the audience is disseminated.

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course students should:

  • Have enhanced their understanding of the relationship between art making and specialized field knowledge and technical skills with regards to performance,
  • Have an understanding of the influence different presentation forms have on the content of art works,
  • Be able to make use of varied media in the making of their work,
  • Be able to combine the use of specialised work methods, intuition and critical approaches in their practice,
  • Be able to engage in collaborative performance work.

Assessment: Attendance, participation and completion of assignments


Mon 20.3       13:00-16:40

Tue 21.3      13:00-16:40

Thu 23.3        13:00-16:40

Mon 27.3       13:00-16:40

Thu 28.3      13:00-16:40