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Texts and/as Tools in the Process of Perception at Fynen Art Academy

Semester: Spring 2017
Teacher: Jóhannes Dagsson
Date: March 20th – 23rd from 10.00 am-16.00 pm
Participants: Max. 9 from FAA + 3 KUNO students
Location: Funen Art Academy, Brandts Torv 1, 4., 5000 Odense C., Denmark
Language: English
Application deadline: March 1st. Send short motivation with your application to

Reading and working with texts is often taken as pre-given, or something that comes naturally to everybody. These are false assumptions. There are different ways of engaging with a text, and the approach selected affects the usefulness of the text to a great degree. In this course, we use texts by Hannah Arendt and Ernst Bloch (and others) as material to practice some methods of engaging with a text. We will also introduce the concept of “ethical/moral perception” and use it as a tool to develop and think about the relationship between visual and text based meanings in the context of the creative process.

In the course, we will come across some philosophically interesting questions about perception, ethics, and the creative process, but the main focus will be on ideas of texts as useful tools in building up thought processes, context, and audience experience.

Jóhannes Dagsson is an artist and philosopher, he teaches theory at the Iceland Academy of the Arts in the MA Fine Art Program.