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Between places: Drawing in Nowhereland, at Art Academy of Latvia

Express course: Between places: Drawing in Nowhereland
Dates: 22-26th of May, 2017
Language: English
Location: Art Academy of Latvia, Riga
How to apply: short motivation + portfolio (link to portfolio/website or pdf, max size 10MB)
Send application to:
Application deadline: 1st of April
Participants: 10 students from Art Academy of Latvia + 5 KUNO students
ECTS: 1.5
Teacher: Christoph Feist

There are spaces in our cities that are neither our home nor got any other objective purpose. Away from the tourist highlights, planned places and “natural” landscape, you can find remnants that can tell a story: a story about the functioning and planning of our environment. Through those spaces, I would like to stroll with the participants and draw there.

We will not be the first to stroll in this way: the sociologist Lucius Burckhardt had walks with many participants in many cities and is regarded as the inventor of the strollology. His critical view of the planning of cities has left its mark on architects and designers. It is planned to implement our drawings with simple, conventional printing techniques in printing graphics in which the mixing and the separation of colors play a main role.

Christoph Feist (1973) is draftsman, graphic designer, illustrator and teaches at the School of Visual Arts in Leipzig, Germany.