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Object, abject, audience and edge at Helsinki Academy of Fine Art

Title of course: Object, abject, audience and edge
Teaching period: 30.10 - 2.11, 6.11 - 9.11**
Teacher(s): Steven Dixon, Harri Monni
Number of available place for KUNO students: 6
BA and MA
Requirements: At least second year bachelor student
**students accepted to this course will receive a KUNO grant of 330 eur travel (except 660 from Iceland) + 140 eur subsistence.

Application deadline: 28.09.2018

How to apply:
Send a motivation letter and three jpeg‘s of your own works or a max 3min video. It can also be a portfolio in pdf. Send it to

Course description:            

This series of lectures and reading seminars will look at the expanded field of the frame and how it has come to motivate a reinterpretation of the art experience, and the activations of the art object, in the contemporary moment.

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1) The Material-Object, the Language-Image and the Formulations of Art: Considerations of Matter and Representation in Art from Modernism to the After-Postmodernist Era

2) Trajectories of Participation Theory: From Maker to Viewer and the Construction of the Artpiece

3) The Multiple Frames of Art: O'Doherty and Derrida on the Theory of the Boundaries of Art and the Seeings of the Border in the Artpiece

4) Abhorrence and the Lost Frame: Fear and the Unsettled Object in the Thinking of Mary Douglas and Julia Kristeva


1) Reading/Discussion Seminar: Arguing about Purity and Representation: Two Fundamental Essays on Modernism and Postmodernism

2) Reading Seminar: The Act of Audience: Foucault’s and Barthes’ the Activation of the Artwork in the Spectator

3) Reading Seminar: The Frame in the Art of the Social Field: Andrea Fraser's and the reseistance of Art to the Framings of the Institutes of Art

4) Reading Seminar: The collective life to come is enclosed in the resistant volume of the artwork

The course requires active participation. The list of texts to be read will be sent to participants in advance.

Learning outcome is to better understand the milieu of the contemporay artscene and the idéas that are flourishing. It is also a tool for critical thinking and problematizing the students own studiopractise in relation to contemporary theory.