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Between Cinema and Performance, Exploring the Subversive Body in Public Space at UiT, Academy of Art, Tromsö

Teaching period: 15-19 oktober
Egle Budvytyte and Bart Groenendaal
Number of available place for KUNO students: 3
Requirements: (e.g. level – this part can be skipped)

Application deadline: 25th of september

How to apply: Apply with a short-written application (300 – 500 words), please also attach photo documentation and a written explanatory description of a representative work. 1-5 jpg images and maximum 100 words. Please e-mail the application to Michael Strobelt:

Course description: Workshop by Egle Budvytyte and Bart Groenendaal
During the workshop we will explore tools and technologies for becoming a subversive
body and for generating a subversive presence; a choreographed intervention in the
public domain.
We will think how studio practice can be expanded, extended, ‘leaked’ into the
outdoors. How to produce a counter-rhythm, a different time zone in the homogenised
environment of the city?
Using movement, rhythm, editing and location analysis we will look into the poetic,
political and cinematic potential of gestures/appearances in the public realm - through
a camera lens or through the eyes of a bird.

Additional information: The Art Academy in Tromsø is located on Grønnegata 1