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I Saw the Sign at The Academy of Fine Art, Oslo

Teaching period: week 11 (11th-15th March) - travel days excluded
Teacher(s): Jan Frederik Verwoert
Number of available place for KUNO students: 2
Open to both MA & BA

Application deadline: 1st Feb

How to apply: Please send a short motivation letter (max 1 page) including your name/level/home institution. Make sure that your school is part of the KUNO network. Your application can be sent to by 1st February.


Course description:

Continuing thoughts on approaching existence intuitively from the theory class in the Fall, this workshop seeks to switch from close-reading to poetics. We will engage the notion of the omen: a sign of which you sense with your whole body and soul that is means something, you simply cannot say what. The aim of the workshop is to put a small exhibition together that will open at the end of the project. It could be mysteriously theatrical, it may as well however, be quite silent and poetic. Visual work may be accompanied by audio pieces, performances or poetry readings. To reach this result the class will be taught by Verwoert focussing on poetic writing and performance, with guest teacher and artist from Berlin, Özlem Altin, guiding students into less wordy territories by teaching them the subtle use of images as material omens.
Together we could work on developing a practical understanding with the students of how signs (images just as words) may acquire strong material, if not existential significance before and beyond entering the sphere of readily decodable meaning.