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The Perfect Human at Estonian Academy of Arts (FULL)

Teaching period:18.-22.03.2019
Teacher(s): Margit Säde
Number of available place for KUNO students: 4

 Application deadline: first come, first served. We will inform when these seats are taken at KUNO web site.

How to apply: Fill in the application
You will be informed if you get/do not get the seat. Last day we check on the applications: February 18. Grant: 330 EUR travel /Iceland 660 EUR + 100 EUR subsistence pr week.

Course description:
What to do with a body when we’re living on air – how thin, how obscure does it have to

become? The masterclass THE PERFECT HUMAN looks into relationship of human

psyche and neoliberal technology, self-optimisation and self-care, anxiety, obsessiveness,

(dis)embodiment, language, poetry and voice. Where we ourselves become like animals in

the zoo, subjects of our this ongoing study of an (im)perfect human. The masterclass will

consist of readings, listenings, filling personality tests, mood and inner speech

observations, meditation, (automatic) writing sessions, self-analysis. It will take you out of

the box, as well as out of the school, to personal and public settings to experience

different situations and influences and in the end turn the personal into public, and if you

will political via a radio wave. All the resulting language experiments, interviews, sound

works, poetry and text readings and other possible outcomes will be edited together into

one radio programme called THE PERFECT HUMAN will be aired in local online IDA radio.

(Master of Complications) (Mistress of Simplifications)


Recently I have experienced:
- Complications with Reservations
- Frustrations with Job Applications
- Consultations of Desperations
- Fascination with Mastrubation
- Inflation of Information
- Filtration of the Gas Station
- Foundation of Starvation
- Sensation of Procrastination
- Temptation of Celebration
- Cancellation of Compensation
- Isolation of Meditation
- Limitation of Oral Communication
- Argumentation of Gentrification
- Malformation of Fermentation
- Articulation of Alienation
- Consideration of Vaccination
- Provocation of Private Corporation
- Brutalisation of Reputation
- Documentation of Provocation
- Vocalisation of Repetition
- Circulation of Publication
- Validation of Reservation
- Registration of Confederation
- Humiliation of Segregation
- Certification of Intoxication
- Impersonation of Participation
- Manifestation of Commodification
- Generalisation of a World Without Narration
- Federation of Self-Exploitation
- Stimulation of Medication
- Simulation of Communication
- Production of Standardisation
- Humanisation of Dehumanisation
- Hospitalisation of Hysterization
- Investigation of Computer Operation
- Intimidation of Professionalisation
- Modernisation of Purification
- Radio Station of Standardisation
- Affirmation of Self-Promotion
- Holy Day of Obligation
- Social Security Administration
- Precarisation of Working Conditions
- Institutionalisation of Knowledge Production
- Migration of Global Population
- Mediatization of Globalisation
- Mediation of Intensification
- Promotion of Disintermediation
- Negotiation of Co-determination
- Contradiction of Implementation
- Contextualisation of Transformation
- False Promises of Self-Organisation


Additional information: We recommend to seek for airbnb options in Tallinn Kalamaja and Pelgulinn districts.