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The Workshop “Now“ with Lukas Kinderman, The Academy of Fine Arts, Munich (German) at Vilnius Academy of Arts, Klaipeda Faculty

Teaching period: 19-21st of March, 2019 (student should come on 18th and leave on 22nd)
Language English
Location Darzu st.18, Klaipeda, Lithuania
Number of incoming KUNO students: 6
Teacher: Lukas Kinderman, The Academy of Fine Arts, Munich (German)
Level: BA
ECTS: 1,5

How to apply Please register by email:
Deadline for registration- 10th of March 2019

In 1983 Donald Judd stated "... art should have appearances and implications which correspond to what is now known“. Reffering to this statement from the early eighties the workshop invites students to realize a work that implies an aspect that is relevant for today.

Students will be free in their choice of media. No matter if they decide to use their mobile phone camera or to draw on paper the final work should include an aspect that couldn‘t have been made ten years ago.


Tuesday 19.03.

11:00 – After an short introduction we will look at a few exemplary projects by international artist that are connected to the workshops theme. Then we will discuss in an open round the first ideas of the students before they can devolpe the ideas that they want to realize on the next day.

Wednesday 20.03.

10:00 – We will shortly meet in an open round to discuss the ideas and to see if they are realizeable and which directions they go.

Afternoon: All students will work on their own projects. I will be present if there are any kind of questions. (open end)

Thursday 21.03.

10:00 – open group meeting where the students will present their works. We will to discuss the results and what might be the next step.