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Resonant at The Academy of Fine Art, Oslo

Teaching period: week 15 (8th-12th April) - travel days excluded
Teacher(s): Dirkjan van der Linde
Number of available place for KUNO students: 1
Open to both MA & BA
Requirements: (e.g. level – this part can be skipped) 

Application deadline: 1st March

How to apply: Please send a short motivation letter (max 1 page) including your name/level/home institution. Make sure that your school is part of the KUNO network. Your application can be send to by 1st March.


Course description:
This course is seen as a platform for dialogue for students who use (or want to use) sound as a vehicle for the development of ideas and artistic research. Whether this is based on listening, recording, performing, reading, installing.

It is meant as an exchange of ideas, thoughts and knowledge. We will spend time with presentations as well as the development of work that is performed or installed within this week.

The image is from Student performance, Open Academy event 2019.