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Contact/Touching Sound at Vilnius Art Academy/Nida Art Colony

Teacher: Vygintas Orlovas
Number of available place for KUNO students: 3
Level: Open to both BA and MA

Application deadline: 31st of May
How to apply:
In order to apply fill in this form:
The applicants will be informed regarding their applications by the 3rd of June.

Course description:

The participants of the course will be introduced to the methods of listening and recording sound with contact microphones as well as digital sound editing.
These microphones sense audio vibrations through contact with solid objects unlike their counterparts, which sense the changes in air pressure. Contact microphones are almost completely insensitive to air vibrations but transduce only structure-borne sound. Listening to these sounds reveals another layer of the surrounding soundscape usually imperceivable to the human ear. Thanks to their small size and portability even remote places become available of acoustic exploration.

Later on participants will be encouraged to develop sound pieces based on their acoustic findings. Sound editing methods will be discussed in order to build upon and emphasize the acoustic parts that the participants find important in the recordings.


Contact microphones will be provided to the participants as well as some pre-amplifiers and cables for creating a setup. However, the participants should take their own device that could record and edit sound.
A pair of headphones for hearing the details better is also recommended.

The ideal equipment for connecting the microphones to is a recorder with a 3.5mm or 6.3mm or a laptop paired with a sound interface (with a 3.5mm or 6.3mm input). However, it is also possible to make it work with smartphones and laptops with a 3.5mm microphone/headphone input by a little bit of preparations during the first day of the workshop.

The most convenient way for editing sound would be having a laptop with either MacOS or Windows, however it is also possible to edit sounds on smartphones with iOS or Android software in case no laptop is available.

Suggested free and cross-platform laptop software for editing is Audacity and Avid Pro Tools | First.

Additional information:

Along with the usual KUNO subsistence and travel grant a shared room at Nida Art Colony will be provided to the participants of the course.